The Legal inspiration for De Livera Associates is drawn from the legal luminaries commencing over five generations ago and thereafter spanning over a century. The Legal practitioners of the past generations have left a strong footprint for the next to tread inscribing their milestones in legal history in Sri Lanka.

De Livera Associates was commenced by Solomon Christoffel Obeysekere De Livera on his retirement from the Attorney General’s Department in Sri Lanka in 1972 after a period of service of almost over three decades . He was a very senior officer of the Attorney General’s Department on retirement. The founder S C O De Livera had a long lineage of legal luminaries.

The founder S C O De Livera’s son Priyan Romesh De Livera and Daughter in Law Samanda De Livera continued the practice in partnership inspired by James de’ Alwis who was an Advocate, Judge and later a member of the legislative Council. (1864 - 1875) 5 generations ago

James de’Alwis’s Son-in-Law Sir Christoffel Obeysekere (1872 ) was also a Lawyer and was twice the nominated member to the legislative council (1900 – 1916).

The present Firm is now headed by Samanda De Livera who has over 30 years of experience in the legal field and is supported by a team of qualified and experienced and highly motivated Attorneys-at-Law and staff.

Sir Henry (Harry) Dias Bandaranaike (1822 – 1901) who was the first Sinhala Judge of the Supreme Court was and first Ceylonese to act for C J Morgan (1879) was a Grand Uncle of the preceding partner.

At De Livera Associates, we are committed to fair and ethical operations that respect the interests of our clients.